Women's Circle


Upcoming Evening Circles:

25th March

15th April

13th May

$90 total charge to Book into all 3 circles before the 20th March ($100 thereafter)


A chance to connect to yourself, to other women and to the line of women who came before you.

Through dance, ceremony, honest discussion and truly a lot of tears and laughter- circle can offer you an expectation-free place to simply be and to take who you are to the next level.

My particular approach to hosting a circle also now incorporates some approaches of the Dancing for Birth Program (although you do not have to be pregnant or a mother to attend!).

Circle can be organised as a one-off celebration or on a monthly basis.

Join me to expand your heart space, open your mind, move your body and nourish your feminine essence.


Mother Blessing

All Mothers are incredible, divine, life-giving creatures full of love, shadow and light.

All Mothers deserve celebration.

Whether before or after baby arrives, I offer a Mother Blessing ceremony to call in the village and celebrate the journey and story of one important Mother.

Mother Blessings run for a half-day, either morning or afternoon and include dance, art, ceremony and the opportunity to bless and open your heart to a woman that you love.

Contact me to discuss your specific wishes for Mother Blessing.