Mother, Doula and Educator

Several years ago I began my own relationship with pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood as I walked through the door and became a mother myself.

Before I got to that birth suite, I had no idea what to expect (as is the case for many of us!) I wasn't scared or worried but just blissfully unaware of what was to come. I figured I would figure it out on the day.

But then a few wise women in my family suggested that I get myself educated in birth, find some meditative techniques to support me and make a plan for what was most important to me in birth.

I am so very glad I took their advice.

What followed was a strong, calm, positive, oxytocin-explosion birth, kicking off my obsessive love for my baby and for birth and change.

As a new mother, I was shocked to find that many other mothers around me were not as proud and positive about their birth experiences as I was. My heart broke for the women I knew who felt unhappy or even disempowered by the birth of their children. The more I came across this, the stronger my resolve became- I needed to support other women in the process of growth, challenge and change.

Fast forward a few short years and now trained as a Doula and a childbirth and hypnobirthing Educator, carrying my background as a teacher with me and having given birth to my second baby, I know I have followed my heart to the right place.

I have learnt a lot about power, consent, love and joy through my work with women, children and families. I have learnt a lot about setting my own values and judgments aside for the benefit of those I am working with.

And now I am so fortunate to share my wisdom, my knowledge of birth, life, sexuality and transition, and my ability to support others through Deep Blue Birth and Wellness.


About Deep Blue


Deep Blue Birth & Wellness was established by Annie Tayleur in 2017. The business began life as a small project by a full time mother who just wanted to provide other mothers with the support and education that she had been afforded herself. 

As time has gone on and Deep Blue has grown, Birth Attendant services expanded to include Childbirth Education, hypnobirthing, 'Free Yourself' program and Ceremony honouring life's transitions. The 'Talks with the Feminine' podcast hosted by Annie and Abbey Rentoul was also launched in 2019 discussing and normalising the many ages and stages of the feminine journey and offering a platform for the sharing of stories. 

Annie is driven to provide knowledge, positivity and empowerment to women and young people as they move through life. She believes that each person requires individualised, judgment-free support for their specific circumstances.

It is absolutely wonderful that you have stopped by to investigate what Deep Blue is all about and it would be great to hear from you. To keep up to date with all the goings-on and new programs please sign up to the mailing list below!

Sending love x

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